Threat to journalists
Friday, April 09, 2010
Khuzdar Press Club is being threatened by a militant group incensed by coverage given to nationalist parties and groups in Balochistan. The threat has come from “Baloch Musalla Difa Tanzeem” (BMDT), an outfit said to have claimed responsibility for a hand-grenade attack a month ago at the Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology during an event celebrating Baloch culture. It is now threatening journalists and trying to keep them from covering events related to, or organised by, nationalist parties and groups. Indifference on the part of the media and civil society will surely encourage such violence.

The journalists under threat are mostly district correspondents whose life is not exactly a bed of roses even in ordinary circumstances. They need the support of all those who desire democracy and care about human rights. Threats and oppression in the past have failed to deter our brave journalists and they will fail now. However, this is a matter to be taken very seriously. It calls for a collective stand of the media, civil society and politicians.

Urooj Zia

From Quetta